Hi! Welcome to my space on the world wide web, CULTURE STYLE with VEL, where Style & Music are Fused; presented to you in both vlog and blog form! I amVEL,  a music enthusiast with individual style, and I am here to tell my story; to create a culture with those just like me. This is my offering of artistic expression via my personal fashion statements in collaboration with Awesome music by really talented artist, mostly from non-mainstream artist (I am an Indie advocate) .

I find fashionably, Vel’s an enigma. It is what it is, and I haven’t always felt that way. Throughout my life, I have always found that people would stare, talk about, question or just Always have an opinion about what I would wear, mainly because, I am not just in one lane or trendy about what I choose to wear or how I choose to wear it. While it can be completely exhausting, I’ve learned that, hey for some reason, people are paying attention! Well here, I am free to express me and the two things I love, fashion and music!  Whether it be elegantly, grunge, chic, goth, casually or minimally I do it in such a way that others will take notice.

CultureStyle with Vel

I think my quirky obsession for accoutrements is something that will be enjoyable. Whether it will be glasses (anyone who knows me knows that I am goo goo gah gah for a dope pair of specs), hats, gaudy neckwear, fascinators, brooches, and anything else peculiar that I can get my hands and eyes on.

Oh, I won’t steal all the shine, I will have features, interviews from stylists I love, and street style from my Midwest homeland, and abroad. So here I AM, VEL, I hope that you will enjoy, join me by subscribing and spread the word about Culture Style! Share the music, support the artist, purchase the fashion, and join the culture!

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