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It’s About That Time, Spring


It’s about that time, time where the seasons changes and a new breath of life starts forming in the earth. The smell of spring, blooming flowers, budding trees and everything happens in divine order. Everything has a place, everyone has purpose. I love this time of year, to me it means we have made it through a harsh season, winter. We have weathered the cold, outlasted days that are filled with more darkness than light, and depending where you live, winter storms. In Spring, the sunshines longer, the birds bring in the morning with a song, and nights are perfect for enjoying those you love outdoors, or random car rides to no where at all. As seasons have changed, life mimics the same, and we will/have endured!

I love this season also because we switch out our wardrobes and get to dawn comfy frocks and rocking sandals. However, I am always trying to mesh pieces from all the season during spring time because the temps fluctuate so much here in the Midwest. ¬†I don’t think I’ve told anyone this, but I secretly love spring and summer because I can slip in an outfit change just because with out question. lol

So many things have changed for me and I see many more changes coming…I am ready to spring forward to see what is in store. I am taking this blogging day by day, grasping, learning and looking forward to major expanding. Like most, change doesn’t come easy for me, although it is always necessary. Well, I hope that your new season brings a fresh prosperous start for you in your desired path.

Spring is about Newness, and It’s About Time… Inspired Music: High Places- by Adam Ness( please press <<< link to purchase this amazing project and support this super talented artist!! You won’t be disappointed, I promise).



Photo Cred: Dolly Ave

Jeans- Old Navy

Sweater- Asos

Shoes- Sam Edelman





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3 Responses to “It’s About That Time, Spring”

  1. Chris says:

    Embracing the newness, beauty, & refreshing Spring is bringing, too! Great Piece!!

  2. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    Oh I wish we were back in Spring now cause It feels like Spring and Summer went by super fast and I didn’t have much fun this year. I guess I’ll make my fall as fun as possible and live vicarious with this blog post. lol Cute outfit and nice song!