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My ode to Girlfriends!! This blog is dedicated to a divine connection that is surpassed only topped by that of  motherhood, I’m speaking of sister-friends.
As I reflect on my past weekend, I am filled with love, inspired to continue to strive for greatness, and have gathered a bit more strength to carry on with my roles in life.
This past weekend my sister-friend planned a great girls sleepover at the Dana Hotel & Spa in Chicago.( Let me just add this is a wonderful hotel with great customer service and beautiful decor, in a great location! If you’re in the city please stop by!)
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All 7 of us ladies, different shapes, unique in our beauty, and varying in our walks of life; some of us meeting for the first time, came together to relax and enjoy sisterly camaraderie.  I must say it was a successful night in that regard, the only thing I would have changed is added another day or two!  As I stated we did not all know one other from the start, but as we dropped each other off after our Sunday brunch it felt as though the fun was over and we were parting with a sister, in anticipation of our next adventure. However, please believe, we had taken enough pictures to last us until we get together again, our timelines on social media can thank us later! Lol
Women are simply powerful, strong beings and when connected to the right man you have a powerhouse pair, which is always a blessing. However, women carry many burdens on their heart and mind, be it from family, relationship, careers, etc and no one can really empathize with a woman like another woman. Since women can easily identify with one another they also have an innate sense of nurturing that takes place when they feel or see another is hurting. These relationships must be fostered and cared for much like other relationships. The quantity of girlfriends is certainly not important, and never have been, it’s the quality of those we have chosen to have connected in your life. The saying is true, if you can find one good friend, you have been blessed!  You must chose wisely, because the nature of adult women friendships call for very stable, strong, logical and honest partners. Make sure your circle reflects who you are and who you want to be, and they are flexible in the regard of elevation and growth. You Never want to bind yourself to anything or anyone that is stagnant, unstable and unbalanced. These points are not only vital for thriving girlfriend relationships but relationships across the board.
I could go on and on about friendship’s, but never forget we all need them and we must show ourselves to be a true friend to have true friends. I love my life long bestie S.T. with everything in me, and I rest assured that our relationship is a life long journey.
So with that being said to my sister circle, I love you and here’s to a shoulder to lean on, a phone to call and vent, laugh and inquire on, and sister to pray with. I appreciate you girls Christine, Kristalyn, Nickey, Kajsa, Tracy and Mellissa, an d you are beautiful inside and out!! 💓💓💓 Cheers to many more slumber party’s and brunches!!
 Location: Dana Hotel and Spa Chicago
Photographer: Dolly Avenue

11 Responses to “Girlfriends”

  1. Beautifully described! We all left feeling good, relaxed, empowered and all mushy on the inside! 😊 There was a great bond made amongst us ladies and great memories made. Im looking forward to the next one! Thanks and love you ladies! 😍😚😍

  2. Tonja says:


  3. Kristal says:

    I couldn’t ask for a better weekend….a much needed staycation with fun, relaxation and laughter. Can’t wait for next year. ….

  4. Chris says:

    This weekend was therapy for me! Each of you ladies are unique in personality, but the common thread was an outstanding character & a genuine bond!

  5. Chris says:

    Such a Beautiful piece! This weekend was therapy for me. Each of you ladies are uniquely crafted, but the common thread was an amazing character & a genuine bond! Much love to each of you!!

  6. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    Love this sista-love! We need more of this, especially in our community.