A Lil Something, Something Bonita Applebum

Well, well back again with a lil’ something something…a great lil dress and a great tune to match! Here at Culture Style with Vel, I am marrying the two, fashion and music. This was the most pleasant shoot yet. Dolly Avenue always helps me to take the edge off and loosen up. She is a great photographer!

About the look,  I am so with this current cold shoulder fashion craze! I am wearing another Asos dress that one can dress up, down or even make transitional. It’s very good quality and fab fabric with an oversized roll neck that I totally love. Overall, it’s an oversized frock, super comfy that got me lots of compliments this chilly day. Along with this dress, I am honing one of the things I am ga-ga about, this super cute high hat with a short brim also from Asos. I can pretty much say now I am sure you will be seeing me restyle this with other looks! I LOVE my hats, like I love my array of glasses, for me, I put them in the category of accoutrements, they dress up, down and/or  just give personal character and even a pop to what could be a basic look. In my opinion, as for Fashion and Style, they are never really up for debate, there aren’t any rules! I found these cute little black open toed booties at Old Navy. Not only can I pull these out to wear with almost anything, they are pretty comfy as well. While shooting this look, a tune popped in my head(as usual, music creates my environment), right then I knew that this would be the soundtrack of this look!

The tone was set by a song that happens to be by Keith O’Brien, a super smooth cat; that is a great guy, with great talent. Keith is another indie artist on the move , and I am looking forward to his future works! I am really proud of him and Rough Cuts, a great EP he put out last year that is fused with r&b and hip hop. This is a very chill project, and I promise if you get it, you won’t be disappointed one bit! This tune, inspired by the original song, Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest  and taste of The Roots, Break You off, it is so awesome. Take a listen (below) to Keith’s spin on these classic songs, then head over to band camp by clicking on Keith’s name or on Rough Cuts above and pick it up!


As Always, I am appreciative you’ve stopped by!




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4 Responses to “A Lil Something, Something Bonita Applebum”

  1. Tonja says:

    ENJOY reading your articles. Keep up the good work!!! Looking for more male inspired fits as well!!!

  2. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    You rocking that hat and dress woman! And the music seems to fit with the photos. Nice vibe.

    • When I solidify and marry this music with the fashion and lifestyle …and get my formula down, I’m excited about what this be! Much love to you @tunisiajolyn84