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Hey Guys! Well as I’ve stated, my blog is my personal fashion diary, as well as my personal music box. It is no secret that I love music, and even moreso, great artist, that’s not afraid of staying in their personal musical lane without the influence of mainstream. Straight to it, I am an Indie Artist/Music advocate! There is so much expression in music and musicianship, right down to the fashion! So, it is was a no brainer to me to combine the things I love. I have been fortunate enough to work with and meet some really amazing artist, that I will highlight, along with others whose work I love, within my style posts.
This style and beat offering… You hear the melodic sounds of an amazing indie artist by the name of Alex Isley. She has a new EP out named Luxury and the song featured in this post is La Brea. Alex’s voice is buttery smooth, she renders background vocals for lots of mainstream  artists. While music runs through her veins as she is the daughter of Ernie Isley from the famed group, Isley Brothers. Inspired by jazz, and classically trained, infused with her writing and producing skills, she is force. Support this artist today by clicking on the links above.


THE LOOK, mostly inspired by the day is a casual look. Enjoying some time in the Garfield Conservatory Chicago, the back drop could be nothing but beautiful. Matter of fact, these crazy, cute print pants popped so well off of all the greenery. I paired it with a casual v-neck tee both from Old Navy (for a steal by the way), along with what I like to call a statement coat, because of the color. This mustard colored short coat is one of my favs and gifted to me by my Awesome mom!! I have a great coat collection because of her! However, I will list where to find a similar style of this cutesy peplum pea coat. I am falling head over “heels” 😉 in love with the Missguided brand, and these fringed opened back booties, happens to be just one of the many reasons!
Well I am excited, as always, to share fashion inspiration and now music with you! You’re the best for stopping by! Thanks!!


Photo Credit: Dolly Avenue 

Pants (on sale)

Tee (on sale)

Boot (on sale)

Coat (on sale)

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  1. eyefeelshady says:

    This is great! Get shady and check out our fun and affordable sunglasses.

  2. love this look! Shoes are bomb!!

  3. michaelablog7 says:

    Wow! The jacket looks amazing on you <3

    Best Michaela


  4. Floortje says:

    You look great dear! Love yellow on you!



  5. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    I love that album and I love the vibrant colors in your outfit!