Polyvore Menswear is Here!!

Polyvore Menswear is here!! Anyone that knows me or follows me on Instagram, knows that I am a complete Polyvore buff!! I am too excited to have recently reached my Style Icon status!! Woot Woo!! I love everything about it. I get so much inspiration from others,  as well, I love that the clothing selections are endless and so are my styling possibilities! I’ve met some really trendy and stylish fashionistas on Polyvore. However, several months back it struck me to create a mens set with some debonair digs. Well, to my surprise the pickings were slim. Then after searching and searching, I realized that this wonderful site really didn’t carry men’s clothing. I guess I assumed they did because I followed some super stylish men…my antennas never really went that they were styling women’s fashion though!

Last week while surfing the web I saw a link from CNN mentioning Polyvore and I believe wall street saying that the company was adding menswear. I gasped in excitement then but never thought I would see it so soon. Lo, and behold today an alert came across my phone from Polyvore that menswear had arrived. I went full steam ahead saving items (I must have at least 5-7k items saved! I’m slightly addicted.) to later add to men’s fashion looks. Well, it’s no secret women are ga-ga over a well dressed, nice smelling man, so without saying I love men’s fashion almost as much as women’s.

SIDENOTE: Speaking of men’s fashion, I am so in looovvee with Joseph Abboud Fall/Winter 2016 collection!!

Now back to it check me out and or follow me on Polyvore, http://culturestylewithvel.polyvore.com

I follow everyone back, and if you’re not on, join the community!! Here is my 1st men’s wear creation below.

Thanks Always for Joining the Culture!

More Style Than You Know What To Do With…


Polyvore Man By Culture Style by Vel


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  1. “it’s no secret women are ga-ga over a well dressed, nice smelling man.” This is so true! lol Great collection!