Culture Style with Vel…..I Am Here!

Well HELLO! I am here! I am VEL, a midwest girl, in a big old world! Right here in the good city of Gary, IN. While you can catch me hanging in Chicago any time of the day, it’s GI(as the locals affectionately call it) all day! Well, I am super excited, and grateful!! It took a lot of getting over and by and the biggest obstacle to get around was myself!! Now that I am past that hurdle I have launched.  So WELCOME! Welcome to my space of creativity through fashion, music, and lifestyle, making Culture Style with Vel.  My take, my curation of media.

I must state the obvious, BLACK is my happy color. It’s beautiful alone, yet a playground for one to add a montage of color. Trust me it’s not at all the pinnacle of all I have in store, but you will get plenty of it from me. This particular look I found the dress at Asos. I love Asos and the plethora of styles they offer, lots of things that are transitional. I’ve found it surprisingly easy to get orders and make returns despite them being overseas. This time of year is great time to get really good deals, not only because of the holidays but the shift of season styles will be change soon.

This dress touches every bit of your body, yikes lol. Its a good staple piece that can be dressed up or down. Slide on some heels (any color will do, black is a canvas!) with a bold statement piece or put on some chucks and a leather jacket and take on the day. My shoes are Joe Brand. Very cute with a comfy heel with a suede pointy toe and a leather upper. And you will learn about me, that I am pretty versatile about shoes. Along with black, accessories are just a joy to me! I love big, small, bright, simplistic and everything in between. I can build around accoutrements alone. I am deeming fab pieces from , a great jewelry boutique. Check them out, you will find quality accessories, at awesome prices.

This is a pretty easy breezy style. I had fun shooting in it at the Cultural Institute of Chicago. It is a wide open canvas. I love that they are so liberal with the use of their space. While shooting this day I saw everything from lovely couples on a day date, to children on a field trip, tourist, and all amid a beautiful historic space.

Photography: Dolly Avenue




10 Responses to “Culture Style with Vel…..I Am Here!”

  1. Congratulations Vel @tylayculture! I’m sooooo happy for your journey! Following your passion and purpose….. #LOVE

  2. MorishaDanee says:

    I would definitely wear this would but some converse and a jacket speaks to me too lol. 😍

  3. Alice Hegwood says:

    Congratulations Vel excited for you , You’re gonna be very successful

  4. Blessed says:

    Congratulations!!! Thank you for positively representing G I (Gary, Indiana).

  5. I would have to agree with you black is one of my happy colors. Makes me feel powerful. You look fab in that dress. x

  6. Armetrice N. says:

    Fabulous Vel, love ur choices of colors, you definitely have style.